Armed Patrol Boat

For vessels where the threat of an armed attack is very high, MAST can provide a high speed escort boat with an armed team embarked. This works well for short passages through the South China Sea and Malacca as the distance rarely amounts to more than a one day passage.

The boats are purpose built as escort vessels, based locally in Singapore and crewed by former Singaporean Naval personnel experienced in conducting escort of other vessels.

  • Purpose built as Counter Piracy Escort Vessels.
  • Designed for long range with good sea-keeping, low fuel consumption and high speed.
  • Exceptionally long range of 1500 nm to allows most tasks to be conducted without refuelling.
  • A highly visible deterrent to would be pirates preventing them from attempting an attack.
  • High speed (>40 kts) and sensor capability (Radar and Electro?�?Optic System) enables the Shomari LRV to effectively handle multiple threats
  • Available in the South China Sea, Malacca Straits and Java Sea.
  • Built recently, well maintained and reliable.