Browning BAR

Browning BAR Match Longtrac 30-06 Calibre

The Browning BAR Longtrac has been MAST's firearm of choice for many years. It is accurate, reliable and barrelled to fit the 30-06 Springfield round giving it a longer range. The firearms are distributed around the HRA ensuring we can accommodate almost all requests for support.

MAST owns all its firearms each of which has a valid End User Certificate licenced through the Maltese Police and compliant with GUARDCON.


30-06 Springfield

30-06 Springfield

The 30-06 Springfield (7.62x63mm) has a 7.62mm calibre bullet but is slightly longer than the more common .308 or 7.62x51mm NATO round. The additional length gives the round a higher muzzle velocity and thus increases both it's accuracy and range.

We have ammunition stores at strategic locations throughout the HRA to ensure we can keep weapon sets topped up to up to 200 rounds of ammunition per firearm.


body armour

Body Armour (NIJ Level IV), 1 per man

The US National Institute of Justice classifies body armour according to four levels (read more). Level IV is the highest protection level and is capable of stopping armour piercing rounds from a rifle

Ballistic Helmet

Ballistic Helmet (NIJ Level III), 1 per man

Level III is the highest protection level available for ballistic helmets. Level III is capable of stopping a 7.62x51mm (NATO) round.

Personal Locator Beacon

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

1 per man. Effectively a personal EPIRB, when immersed in water it automatically starts transmitting its position or alternatively it can be activated manually.

First Aid Kit

Trauma First Aid Kit

1 per equipment set. A first aid kit designed to supplement the ship's first aid resources in support of trauma injuries.


Satellite Phone

Satellite Phone (1 per equipment set)

For communication independent of the ship's resources.

Yellow Brick

Yellow Brick (1 per equipment set)

A satellite tracking device that can be controlled by both the user on ship and the user on shore. It can be put into a 'dead mode' remotely which means it looks as if it's switched off, will respond to a local users commands but still transmits its position.