Indian Ocean Service

MAST's Counter Piracy Service provides physical protection, consulting and intelligence to safeguard your commercial vessels and super-yachts.

  • A truly global operational capability fully compliant with international industry & legal standards
  • Free security audit and on-board security & first-aid training conducted with every transit
  • Unique mix of service & pricing options and generous Loyalty Reward scheme
  • Bespoke technology enabled logistics management and named Transit Manager support
  • Optional Crisis Management & Kidnap & Ransom services

With zero security failures in over 5,000 transits managed, MAST?�consistently delivers the best customer outcomes

Standing Threat Assessment

MAST shares concerns with shipping organisations and countries in the region that the NATO withdrawal and the media response is sending the wrong signal not just to the shipping industry but to criminals operating in Somalia. The increase in incidents off Yemen underlines the ongoing threat in the region.

While the threat of maritime terrorism remains low, the threat from piracy is still present, particularly in the Gulf of Aden and IRTC, where small, fast boats are prevalent and their intent often hard for the uninitiated to judge. To mitigate this threat we urge all vessels to enter the IRTC at the correct time for their speed so that their movement conforms to the EUNAVFOR Group Transit system. This will ensure that warships can be tasked to provide the best coverage possible.

Despite recent incidents in the southern Red Sea, there is no obvious trend to the maritime terrorist threat, and we assess that it remains low. Standard RUF and 3 to 4 man armed teams armed with 7.62 semi automatics is sufficient to counter the terrorist threat providing the team is well trained. Recent incidents off Somalia and in the Bab el-Mandeb Strait illustrate the need for heightened awareness and security arrangements, including crew anti-piracy training and the use of qualified and well trained security teams who will mitigate any potential piracy threat.

MAST continues to recommend heightened watches and security routines whilst transiting the Indian Ocean High Risk Area (HRA). All BMP4 measures enforced and, where possible, an armed security team embarked. MAST's standing advice for transit through the Bab el-Mandeb remains that vessels passaging the southern Red Sea, so far as TSS allow, keep to the south western side of the approaches to the BAM. Best speed should be maintained and coalition naval forces informed of your vessel's presence in the region. Merchant ships should note that the Iranian Navy is currently in the Indian Ocean.

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