MAST has the following insurance cover, over and above the requirements stated in GUARDCON:

  • General Third Party Liability. (Public Liability) including Products Liability and Pollution Liability: GBP 5,000,000 any one occurrence.
  • Professional Indemnity. GBP 1,000,000 any one claim
  • Group Personal Accident Insurance: Up to GBP 5,000,000 Emergency Medical Expenses

These limits of liability insurance cover MAST for all their onshore and offshore operations, including maritime security and anti piracy work performed by MAST's PCASP (see page 29 of Policy), physical protection, and the design, supply and installation of security technology, as well as explosives ordnance work.

They also cover MAST for liabilities arising from the carrying and use of firearms throughout the world and in all jurisdictions.

MAST 有以下保险, 在GUARDCON规定的要求之上:

  • 第三者责任保险. (公众责任)包括产品责任和环境污染责任: 五百万英镑 任何一次发生.
  • 专业弥偿. 一百万英镑 任何一次索赔.
  • 团队人身意外伤害保险: 高达五百万英镑的紧急医疗费用.

这些责任保险限制涵盖了所有MAST的陆上和海上作业, 包括有MAST 的PCASP进行的海上安全和反海盗工作(见政策的29页), 物理保护和安全技术的设计, 供应及安装, 以及如爆炸品工作.

他们还涵盖MAST 在世界各地和所有司法管辖区携带和使用武器所出现的债务.