The British military has a strong reputation for producing extremely professional soldiers. The entrance and training standards are high and the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have provided the British soldier with real combat experience. Proper training and combat experience is fundamental to staying calm and making proper decisions whilst under fire. Former British servicemen have proved themselves time and again in the private security environment as level headed, competent operators with a low key approach to ensuring the safety of their principles under protection.

MAST has been employing former British servicemen since this business began thus our Brits generally have the most experience in conducting transits. That's also aided by unquestionable supporting paperwork and a sound understanding of the Rules in the Use of Force.

Employed with the MAST Premium and MAST Major+ Teams British Team Leaders are still our most popular choice.

Eastern European

Eastern European

MAST's Eastern European Team Leaders are all former military personnel from Estonia, Latvia and the Ukraine. They all have combat experience from Iraq and some from Afghanistan. All that have joined us have a lot of previous experience working in the maritime security industry and conducting transits. They have been well received by our Senior Team Leaders as professional operators who can uphold the high standards expected by MAST.

As a slightly cheaper option to a British Team Leader but with great feedback from Masters they are growing in popularity. Currently used as Team Leaders in the MAST Major Teams.



The Gurkhas Soldiers of Nepal have a fearsome reputation as soldiers. The former Indian Army Chief of Staff Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, once stated that "If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha."

The Gurkhas came to prominence during the Gurkha War (1814-1816) between Gorkha Kingdom of Nepal and the East India Company. The British were so impressed by the Gurkha soldiers they agreed in the peace treaty following the war that they could employ Gurkhas within the British East India Company Army. As a result there are still Gurkha (Gorkha in India) Regiments in both the British and Indian Army.

They are known for their loyalty and ability to withstand immense hardship. MAST has had former Gurkha Soldiers from the Nepalese and British Army as part of the team for the last 12 months. Many have been identified as potential Team Leaders and several have now led the new MAST Choice Teams.

Employed as Team Members in all team types except MAST Premium and Team Leaders for MAST Choice Teams.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a long military history going back to more than 2000 years. The roots of the modern Sri Lankan military lead back to the colonial era when the Portuguese, Dutch and British established local militias to support their wars against the local Kingdoms. The British created the Ceylon Rifle Regiment during the Kandyan wars, although it had natives in its ranks majority of it was made up of Malays. It was disbanded 1873.

They have seen active combat throughout their various civil wars and being local can easily tell the difference between what's a fisherman and what isn't.

Our Sri Lankan personnel are mainly from the Sri Lankan Navy and Marines so have sea experience. They have been working with MAST since 2013 so we have ample opportunity to select and train the best candidates. Being resident in Sri Lanka there are often able to move at very short notice if we have a last-minute requirement. Utilised as team members for MAST Major+, MAST Major and MAST Choice Teams.