Type of TrainingCourseHeldDurationLevelAim
Initial (prior to deployment) MAST Counter Piracy Course In home country 4 days ISO 28007 Compliant – Maritime Security Operator (Level 1) To provide a sound knowledge base for conducting transits
Continuation Training (Modular) Continuation Training In Country Villas/On Board Ships Varies on module - Keep personnel up-to-date and develop knowledge base further
Team Leader Training Train the trainer course MAST Villa Galle 2 days ISO 28007 Compliant – Maritime Security Operator (Level 3) Qualify the Team Leader to teach Continuation Training

MAST Counter Piracy Course (MSO Level 1)

Aim This course aims to train team members to be professional and competent maritime security operators. It is aimed at students who speak English as their second language.
Objectives Upon successful completion of this course attendees will be able to:
  • Understand the International context in which they will work and the framework within which maritime security companies operate.
  • Understand piracy threats and current patterns.
  • Carry out a risk assessment.
  • Prepare for transiting the high risk area.
  • Conduct a transit of the high risk areas; while monitoring the threat situation.
  • Understand and implement Rules in the Use of Force.
  • Take effective action on encountering pirate craft.
Duration 4 days (32 Hours)
Prerequisites Working Knowledge of the English Language
Location Home country and Galle, Sri Lanka

Continuation Training

Aim The aim of Continuation Training is to ensure MAST Operators remain fully competent in all aspects of counter piracy over and above the requirements currently being recommended by the International Shipping Community. The continuation training is aimed at providing constant revision on all Counter Piracy Operations MAST undertakes.
Objectives To conduct Continuation Training on a regular basis to maintain a high level knowledge of all MAST Counter Piracy protocols as directed by MAST Operations.
Continuation Training will be recorded and a record maintained on the individuals’ training record held in Malta. Operators will then remain on MAST active operator lists and be current on the following:
  • Rules for the Use of Force
  • Firearms Drills and Ammunition Currently in Use
  • MAST Operational Equipment
  • New MAST Protocols and Procedures
  • Current and future changes to International law regarding maritime security
  • Current Pirate Activity and Intelligence Update
  • Conduct of a Transit
  • Ships Security Assessment
  • MOB Drills
  • All Actions On
  • Table Top Training Scenarios
Duration Depends on Module
Prerequisites MSO Level 1
Location Galle, Sri Lanka and on board vessels

Team Leader Training

Aim The aim of the course is to prepare Team Leader’s to deliver Maritime Security Officer (MSO) training to the Security Operators. The course ensures Team Leaders are fully competent in all aspects of counter piracy operations including humanitarian rights to satisfy the International Code of Conduct (ICoC), legal requirements and ISO PAS 28007 maritime security guidelines.
Objectives To conduct Team Leader Training as a baseline to promote ICoC/ISO PAS 28007 best-practice and MAST’s Counter-Piracy procedures. Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will be able to:
  • Competently deliver instruction to operators on all current MAST operational equipment, weapons and ammunition
  • Deliver concise, relevant and clear orders to their team prior to embarkation for tasking
  • Understand and be able to instruct operators in all aspects of MSO
  • Carry out risk assessment and subsequent debrief to Ships Masters
  • Prepare for transiting high risk area and be able to deliver robust briefings to all crew and drill in counter piracy actions
  • Conduct transit of high risk areas; while monitoring the threat situation including required reports and returns
Duration 12 hours
Prerequisites MSO Level 1, Experience on Transits, Identified as a potential Team Leader
Location Galle, Sri Lanka