MAST has been providing protection for yachts and commercial ships since 2005.

We provide support throughout the designated marine insurance market High Risk Area and have the requisite network to support through East Africa, India, the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Guinea.

We are accredited by all the major Flag Administrations and have been vetted by all the key oil major charterers and shipowners.


We are ISO 18001 and 28007 accredited and have a full range of ISO management accrediations and committed adherence to the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Companies.

Our security teams

Our men are all vetted, trained and tested internally and are all employees ensuring we maintain standards.

We employ British, Eastern European, Sri Lankan, Indians and Nepalese former military personnel. This gives us and our clients flexibility.

Gulf of Guinea

We have extensive experience of providing armed support in Nigeria, Cote D'Ivoire, Benin and Togo.

We operate in tandem with the national armed forces of the above respective countries and have successfully included them in our liability insurance cover when working together under contract.

Our activities have been fully risk managed and scrutinised by legal counsel in the UK and those with international experience.


MAST is in full compliance with the UK Open General Trading Licence, has Section 5 clearance under the UK Firearms Act and operates in compliance with all Flag and Port States in relation to the management and movement of its firearms. 

MAST has not had a single accident involving a firearm.