At MAST, we provide governments, shipping lines, oil companies, coastguards, security businesses and many other private companies with the essential skills they need to deal with real world security situations swiftly and effectively.

We have delivered large scale training programmes for governments including coastguard training, underwater search, IED-D techniques and Diver training, providing technical know-how and professional experience to ensure that the transfer of knowledge, especially in support of defence-offset programming, is properly linked to the client's strategic programme.

Training concept
The concept is simple: capacity training followed by confirmation of skills and knowledge transfer through post training performance quality assurance and student feedback.

What we leave behind is a sustainable, functional and effective capability.

Our training team
MAST's strength is in our broad outlook, with training team members made up of former UK Special Forces and Joint Service staff, with a range of experience delivering public-private courses that help support client organisations all over the world.

Training can be either conducted in the host nation or at the Stansted Office in the UK.

Accreditation for training

  • UK MoD Defence Security clearances
  • UK Maritime Coast Guard Agency (MCA) for ISPS training
  • UK Institute of Explosive Engineers (IExpE)
  • City & Guilds
  • Board member of the UK Explosive Sector Standards Setting Body for National Occupational Standards