Analysis into the corruption at Mombasa port

Alexander Farrow, Business Intelligence Officer at MAST comments on the investigation. 
It has been reported that Kenya’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is working in partnership with international security agencies such as Interpol and Britain to assist with the investigation of corruption allegations involving cargo theft at the port of Mombasa.
The extent of the corruption is still unclear, but the involvement of Interpol and Britain among other nations suggests that this is a significant breach of the ports security.
The first phase of the new container terminal in Mombasa was inaugurated on the 3rd September which is expected to boost cargo capacity by 50%.  Ensuring that this corruption is curbed before the new terminal is fully operational will be crucial to ensure that contracts are won to fill the new capacity.
The robust approach being taken by the EACC and the involvement of international partners demonstrates the serious intent to safeguard the port as an asset, as well as to abide by the ISPS Code.  The incorporation of internal security systems and checks to increase the ports resilience against corruption and other crimes is likely to be a key recommended outcome of the investigation.
Corruption is rarely confined to a single criminal enterprise, but is highly integrated into networks which can directly or indirectly fuel more serious crimes including terrorism.  If there is high level corruption involving cargo theft, it is possible there is corruption in other areas of the ports operation, as well as further afield, even as far as Mombasa’s trading partner ports.
Whilst this investigation is ongoing and the extent of the corruption is unknown, it would be prudent for vessel operators to consider individual security implications.

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