Anti-government clan's support for Islamic State faction in Puntland unlikely to contribute to increased Somalia-based piracy

The election of representatives from the regional state of Puntland to Somalia’s lower house is due to be finalised on 10 November.
This follows the conclusion of talks between Puntland president Abdiweli Mohammed Ali Gaas and former Bari regional governor Abdisamad Muhamed Galan on 5 November. Galan controls militia forces aligned with the Ali-Saleebaan clan, who are demanding greater political representation in Puntland, which is dominated by the president’s Darood/Harti-Majeerteen clan. Galan has threatened Gaas by using his militia forces to protect the relocation of militants loyal to the Islamic State-affiliated Abdulqadir Mumin to Bari region. Since 27 October, Puntland media have reported militia were manning checkpoints from Bosaso port, which houses the Puntland Defence Forces (PDF), towards Qandala.
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