Are drug trafficking gangs using cruise passengers as mules?

Are drug trafficking gangs increasingly using cruise line passengers as mules?

By Guillaume Goudreau
The secret to being a successful international drug smuggler has always been the ability to stay one step ahead of law enforcement authorities. This will typically involve regularly coming up with new and innovative ways in which to transport your product to the markets where they will make the most profit, all the while keeping yourself as far removed from the trafficking process as is practically possible.
The fact that customs authorities in western countries are usually quick to cotton on to new trafficking methods means that drug smuggling gangs are continually forced to be as creative as they can be when it comes to dreaming up new ways of sneaking shipments through border checks. Over recent months, a new trend has emerged that appears to suggest trafficking networks are increasing paying passengers travelling on high-end cruise liners to smuggle large quantities of hard drugs such as cocaine on their behalf.
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File picture of cruise ship
File picture of cruise ship, via Unsplash.

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