BBC Africa Experts argue the most dangerous waters are off West Africa

This interesting piece of short film by BBC Africa Security correspondent Tomi Oladipo explains why West Africa is currently a more dangerous area for piracy than the waters off Somalia.
The article also  links to the supporting article for the BBC documentary “Danger Zone: Chasing West Africa’s Pirates by the BBC Africa Editor Mary Harper which was broadcast in November 2014. While some of the case studies appear a little dated, they remain highly relevant to the type of incidents that are occurring of Nigeria today.

MAST has very recent experience of an incident where hostages spent several days at sea in a small boat and once back on land were caught in a cross fire between rival pirate gangs. The trauma that these ordinary merchant sailors endured does not bear thinking about.
Fortunately the situation off Somalia is far more stable and merchant seaman (aside from the unfortunate few who are still held hostage in Somalia) are no longer being subjected to this kind of abuse. But only because the international community and ship owners have put in place an effective security framework. Long may this remain in place keeping seafarers safe in the Indian Ocean as they go about their important work.

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