Chemical tanker attacked by pirates in Gulf of Guinea

Worrying development following period of relative calm in region.
The chemical tanker Hanze Kochi was attacked by pirates in Gulf of Guinea off Brass, Nigeria. A group of armed men approached the vessel in early morning by fast boat. The duty officer raised alarm for piracy attack and all the crew locked in the citadel. A distress call was sent to the Nigerian navy.
The pirates boarded the ship and took control, but the navy sent two boats with guards. The pirates robbed some of the crew rooms, but had no time due to approaching navy guards. They abandoned chemical tanker Hanze Kochi some minutes later and fled to the shore. The Nigerian navy freed the vessel and crew. No injuries were reported and vessel resumed voyage to Lagos, where anchored a few hours later.
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MAST Note: While the original report above names the ship as the Hanze Kochi, the IMO number listed refers to the Hanze Mumbai, although confusingly, the vessel’s AIS names it as the Hanze Kochi. 

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