Citizens on edge, as kidnappers seize nation’s jugular

When the first cases of kidnappings involving expatriate oil workers were recorded in the Niger Delta in the early 2000s, not many knew that it would grow to become a national malaise in less than two decades or thereabouts.Apart from the militancy in the Niger Delta, the deadly Islamic insurgency in the North orchestrated by Boko Haram, the activities of hostage-taking Fulani herdsmen, as well as the swelling pool of criminals who are making a fortune from it have all contributed to exacerbation of the national epidemic, which kidnapping has become.
Today, not just expatriates are at risk of being kidnapped for ransom, everybody and anybody is, as shown by the list of victims, which include day-old infants, professionals, including medical doctors, lawyers, journalists, administrators, clerics, traditional rulers, artisans, para-military and military officers among others.Now, hardly does a week pass without innocents citizens being shepherded away by deadly gangs, who taken fun in pulling the trigger at the slightest refusal to obey their commands.
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Nigerian pirates
Nigerian pirates. File image.

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