CMF Warns of ‘New Threat’ in the HRA

Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), a naval coalition tasked with the security of HRA, Red Sea and the Gulf, has released a ‘Statement to Industry’ highlighting concerns of a ‘new threat’ to vessel operators, demonstrated by attempted attacks on LNGC GALICIA SPIRIT in October 2016 and MT MUSKIE in May 2017.
In both cases, the attacking boats didn’t fit the traditional Somali pirate model as there were significant quantities of explosives on-board. Both attacks failed and MT MUSKIE was defended by the on-board armed security. MAST’s assessment is that these were attempted terrorist attacks.
To read MAST’s Intelligence report, including analysis and details on the MT MUSKIE attack, click here.
MAST echoes CMF’s advice that all mariners transiting the HRA should register details with MSCHOA and furthermore report to UKMTO on entering the VRA and on witnessing any suspect activity.
CMF states that “military risk assessments indicate that adherence to Best Management Practices 4 (BMP4) and the use of armed security teams remain the best guidance available to help protect your ships in the event of an attack.”
To read CMF’s Statement to Industry click here.

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