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MAST has always worked closely with ex-servicemen and women and many of our staff have also served in the Armed Forces.  Therefore, in selecting a charity it was important to us to maintain that link.

MAST’s chosen charity is Veterans Aid.


In supporting Veterans Aid we hope not only to help access much-needed donations but also to raise awareness and inform a wider audience of the plight of those that find themselves homeless and in crisis.

The charities vision is to enable sustainable independent living but of course, this can take, weeks, months and even years of investment. They start with the provisions of food, clothing and shelter. Further support such as counselling, rehabilitation and medical treatments may also be required, as well as education, developing new skills and identifying employment opportunities before the veteran is ready to move into a new home.

Veterans Aid’s may be based in London, but it has a worldwide footprint since 2007 the charity has dealt with over 611 Foreign & Commonwealth individuals and 67 various nationalities.

Please if you get just 5 mins, watch the video below, which will give you a short understanding of just one of the stories from someone who VA has recently been helped:

Why Choose us?

MAST is committed to delivering the highest quality of security service, to achieve this we provide:

  • A comprehensive selection of security services

  • Dedicated and experienced management structure supported by effective management information technology and central support functions

  • Recruiting the best security personnel as we understand that our physical security service is underpinned by the quality and experience of our employees

  • Security solutions delivered at the lowest intelligent price
  • Industry-leading training for all our employees in line with Awarding Body requirements as all of our training courses are regulated by Highfields Qualifications, the UK’s most recognisable awarding organisation


  • Accreditations – from renowned certifiers, working closely with both the SIA and Security Institute actively raising standards in the industry


  • Adding value by constantly challenging and pushing the boundaries of effective security

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