Editor's Notes: Week Ending 16/10/2015

Editor’s Notes: Week Ending 16/10/2015

We’ve rounded up the seventy interviews conducted at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show this week, giving us a full snapshot of the superyacht industry as it stands today. Now, with the 25th edition of the MYS over, we’re setting our sites to Fort Lauderdale to get a closer look at the American market activity we’re hearing so much about.

It’s a ‘truth universally acknowledged’ in this industry that travel is in the DNA of the superyachting world. It’s a global community reliant on exotic destinations, the changing tides of markets everywhere and the subsequent professional hubs that are built around them. Furthermore, owning a superyacht encapsulates the go-anywhere attitude worthy of a lifetime of work leading to a floating magnum opus.

That being said I don’t own a superyacht, but I do understand the go-anywhere lifestyle after 6 years of living it – which is essentially just a different way of saying I’ve seen my fair share of airports, especially during the latter stage of this year. Travel is always a new and exciting experience regardless of the destination, and that is the core message of this digressional tale. The Netherlands gave way to Sardinia’s backdrop of the Perini Navi Cup in August which jumped to Monaco for the 25th edition of September’s show and then back to Sardinia once again for a different experience entirely.

We joined a crew of a fantastic sea-faring individuals on the crystal clear Sardinian waters for a full film shoot last week and had trouble distinguishing between the lines of fun and work. Details of this will emerge soon, once we’ve done all the comparatively doldrum tasks post-production offers after exciting shoots.

However, this traveller’s letter is only emerging because I’m now grounded and back in the office to resume broadcasting while the team carry on to Bermuda to film the next phase of the America’s Cup. The jealousy will subside in time. More updates are on their way directly from Bermuda as well as some interesting market information as the trip to America approaches.

As always dear reader, stay tuned for more travel imbued news surrounding the world’s most fascinating industry.

Editor’s Notes: Week Ending 16/10/2015

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Author: Ben Roberts

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