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With industry leading technology and our expert GSOC Operatives, MAST have made the shift from simply being reporters of events to being industry leading intelligence-led advisors, providing UK and Global intelligence services for our clients for both Land and Sea operations.  Services include LIVE notifications, international travel advice, UK criminal activity, including threat and risk assessments that enable our clients to make informed decisions and take appropriate and necessary action to prevent disruption to their business and protect their staff and property.



MAST offers a complete CCTV Monitoring service through our GSOC using state-of-the-art technology which ensure your CCTV system is professionally monitored by our team of highly trained GSOC Operatives.  MAST can offer the ability to tailor CCTV solutions to suit your needs which can include remote monitoring, virtual patrols, alarm activation and response.  We can even remotely relay voice commands at site via a Tannoy system.

Keyholding and

Properties around the UK require lock and unlock services, allow staff or contractors access or simply holding a spare set of keys in case of emergency or loss. MAST provide a national key holding service to allow our clients the flexibility to support their own operation and security team. We also provide response officers for a cost effective security solution 24/7.

Intruder Detection and

MAST can monitor intruder and fire alarm systems anywhere within the UK. This service can be stand alone or complement our keyholding and alarm response service to ensure any alarm activations are investigated quickly and efficiently by our highly trained and licensed mobile security officers to allow a more cost-effective security service.

Outsourced Control

MAST provide an outsourced control room operation for companies in the UK looking to monitor security guard solutions and 24/7 monitoring of security operations. We provide a dedicated solution to allow small and medium sized businesses to run and monitor their operations in a professional and secure manor.

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