Introducing MASTOPEDIA

Introducing MASTOPEDIA
Today MAST is releasing MASTOPEDIA.  A user friendly, interactive gateway of information which aims assist people making travel decisions which contain an element of risk.  MASTOPEDIA is comprised of three parts
Risk Map and Travel Advice 
This globe details incidents which are relevant to personal travel safety and security. Click on the category icons to view specific risks.  Spin the globe to your area of interest and discover the relevant recent incidents or advice. The default setting is to show the current months incidents and advice, so click back a month or to see further information.
Maritime Risk Map 
The return of the MAST Maritime Risk Map features time critical incidents worldwide affecting merchant vessels including: Hijack, Boarding, Approach, Suspect Activity.  Similarly to the Risk Map and Travel advice, the default view is the current month, so click back for more incidents.
Country Reports
The Country Reports page features political, cultural and crime information on a couple countries, worth reading before travelling.  MAST is able to provide in depth location specific reports upon request.

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