MAST Delivers Inframe locking solutions – access solutions

MAST Delivers Inframe locking solutions

Following an extended development cycle MAST now offers a best in class solution to your electronic remote locking needs. With built in door position sensing and IP66 rated we are now integrating these locks into our refit and newbuild projects. Please get in touch for more info on how MAST are transforming access solutions

MAST Inframe locking offers a multitude of benefits when integrated into the wider MAST platform.
• Inframe discreet system with no exposed working parts when door is closed
• IP66 rated and designed for the maritime environment
• Finished in polished stainless steel (V4A) to match yacht aesthetics (other finishes on option)
• Slim design to fit into all existing door manufacturers frame considerations.
• Single point power and control connection to facilitate installation
• Misfire override – integrated sensor prevents lock from engaging until door is confirmed closed
• Reduced Power to Lock requirement (24VDC)
• Fully fail safe with unconditional unlock for egress or incase of emergency
• Optional output to localized CCTV platform and other onboard systems to provide oversight
• Full integration with MAST Green Route functionality
• Zero maintenance unit
• Extend current monitoring status for hinged door from current open/shut to open/shut/locked/unlocked/failed/tamper
• Tested to VDE0580

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