Disembarkation of the COSCO Antwerp by a MAST Team

Disembarkation process of the COSCO Antwerp by a MAST Maritime Security Team

Alexander Farrow from Private Maritime Security Company MAST travelled to MAST’s Sri Lanka office located in Galle having recently joined the company. Alexander took part in the day to day operational activity alongside an ISO 28007 audit that was being carried out during Alexander’s visit.
MAST ensurers that all of its employees are exposed to as many aspects of the industry as possible, this is to ensure a close knit functional team. This provides clients with an unparalleled service when it comes to MAST’s communication and understanding of the maritime environment.

MAST Regional Training and Operations Co-ordinator (RTOC) Michael Foster distributes life jackets for fitting before stepping onto the transfer vessel.
cosco 1
MSS global auditor Steve Van de Niekerk reviews MAST procedure for the ISO standard 28007  en-route to the RV point.
cosco 2
Alongside, the vessel in perfect conditions.  Sea state 1.  Team Leader Steve Phillips climbs down from the pilot hatch onto the transfer vessel. Paperwork signed first.  cosco 7
Equipment is lowered down from the pilot hatch via a rope.
cosco 8
Returning back to Galle harbour.
cosco 9
Debrief by Team Leader, Steve Phillips  to MAST Team Members.  Followed by RTOC Darren Shepherd’s welcome villa brief.
cosco 10

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