MAST Technology August update

Despite the summer sun still high in the sky thoughts are turning to the refit period ahead. MAST Technology continues to design, develop, install and consult on projects throughout their lifecycle.

Gone are the days of unsightly security measures, with wireless locking integration and remote access at the touch of a screen now is the time to consider security as a feature not an afterthought.

With proven experience in delivering best in class solutions to some of the world's most prestigious vessels and a modular approach to integration, we have developed maritime specific hardware solutions and products designed to work.

  • Fully Integrated Keyless Access Solutions for internal and external spaces
  • Vessel Lockdown management & Digital Deck Sensor Arrays
  • Complete integration of our security products into existing framework and systems.
  • Cyber Assurance Consulting & TSCM Electronic Sweeping Services

Please take a look at our MAST securitty interface

Alongside the Technical MAST of Security Consulting and Auditing of projects to ensure critical questions and risks are being addressed

For more info please contact or give us a call on 01279 216726

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