MAST’s associates Arundel Resolution recently secured another success!

MAST’s associates Arundel Resolution recently secured another success – this time working on the front line in Iraq to negotiate the release of a ship detained after a major collision over a large iron ore unloader. A repair contract had to be negotiated with an Iraqi contractor to the satisfaction of the port authorities in a complex political environment.

Arundel Resolution has worked as a trusted intermediary for ship owners around the world – including in many of the world’s most challenging jurisdictions – on a whole range of cases from difficult cargo and dock damages claims, to off-hire disputes and difficult cargo liens, as well as cases of crude duress and physical intimidation of crews.

The case in Iraq was a good example of a situation where the delay occurred simply because local politics makes it difficult for local consensus and agreement to be reached, and when it is often helpful for somebody to attend from ‘outside’ who can offer fresh reasons and focus for dialogue

But Arundel Resolution’s Director, Peter Astbury, says that there are also other kinds of incidents where “bad stuff happens because of simple lack of information, miscommunication or because someone wants to take unfair advantage of a situation and thinks that nobody is present to act as an effective witness”.

Peter says that “We are not trying to change the world. We just try, through constructive engagement on the front line, to help mediate agreements which people can live with and deliver, and which allow life to move on”

MAST’s CEO Phillip Cable said “The combined expertise of MAST and Arundel provide our clients with practical and effective options and solutions to complex commercial problems.  This is yet another example of that’.


“If you would like to discuss a situation informally and in confidence get in touch with Peter on +44 794 668 0997 or at”


Arundel Resolution
Arundel Resolution

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