OCHA Somalia Flash Update – Humanitarian impact of fighting in Qandala, Puntland | 6 December 2016

Situation Overview
On 3 December, Puntland Security Forces (PSF) and Darawish soldiers launched an offensive to retake the coastal town of Qandala in Bari region from Islamic State affiliated non-state armed actors who took control of the town on 26 October. Reports indicate that the PSF and Darawish soldiers have occupied Karimo village, 20 kilometers south west of Qandala. According to local community sources and humanitarian partners, there was an hour long armed clash on 5 December between the Islamic State affiliated non-state armed actors and the PSF and Dawarish soldiers. The Islamic State affiliated non-state armed actors reportedly planted victim activated explosive devices on the road between Karimo and Qandala town. This will have an impact on the ability of the displaced people to return, as even the affected areas will have to be surveyed and cleared before they can return. Local authorities and humanitarian partners estimate that some 3,000 people have so far been newly displaced since the launch of the offensive on 3 December.
Approximately 22,700 people have been displaced since the non-state armed actors entered Qandala in late October. Cumulatively, 25,700 people have so far been displaced, more than half of the district’s 45,300 inhabitants.
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Source: reliefweb.int

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