Op-Ed: General Haftar extending military power in eastern Libya

Tobruk – General Khalifa Haftar and allied officials have carried out a series of actions in eastern Libya that have replaced civilian officials with army commanders.
The first move was made some time ago in which the mayor of Benghazi, the largest city in eastern Libya, was replaced by Colonel Ahmed Larabi and the council was suspended. The appointment was made by the Chief of Staff of the House of Representatives(HoR) government, who is the military governor of the eastern region, Abdelrazig Al-Nathori, an ally of Haftar. Later Al-Nathori replacedthe mayor of Ajdabiya, Salim Jodran, brother of the head of the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG)Ibrahim.
He was replaced by retired colonel Embarek Al-Manafi, as commander. Al-Manafi is a supporter of Haftar-s Operation Dignitylaunched in May of 2014 to clear Libya of Islamists, which includes the militia groups supporting the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA). The Jodran’s support the GNA while Haftar opposes it. Now Al-Nathori has acted a third time replacing the elected mayor of Al-Kufra by Colonel Saleh Al- Zarrouq.
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Source: digitaljournal.com

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