Phil Cable, CEO and co-founder of MAST, the international maritime security company, comments on Oceans Beyond Piracy’s 2015 report:

 “Whilst the economic cost of piracy in the Western Indian Ocean fell again in 2015, the number seafarers taken hostage rose on the previous year, showing that the basic apparatus and structures for piracy are still in existence in Somalia. The concerted efforts of the shipping community, the world’s navies and the use of private armed security have curtailed opportunities in the region, but this does not mean the problem is solved by any measure. What should also be a concern from the maritime community’s point of view is that many pirates who had been jailed for their crimes are nearing release, and it is questionable if they will avoid going back to their previous trade.  These facts have been reported by the authors of the report and independent experts. 
 “It must be stressed that the perception by some that the problem is solved is incorrect. The military authorities have reported that many ships are deciding not to register with The Horn of Africa Maritime Security Centre (MSCHOA) when transiting the High Risk Area, and others are not applying Best Management Practice measures or using armed security. This is to be lamented.”
 “The Gulf of Guinea is also a troublesome region and despite laudable local and interregional efforts, the number of incidents continues to rise. It must be stressed that unless the coastal states uniformly tackle the problems it is difficult to see an obvious solution apart from self-protection. Wider areas of concern in South East Asia, including recent hijacks in the Sula Sea, point again to the continuing need for ship owners to consider their security arrangements with due care and attention.”

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