How Phillip Cable masters maritime business

Phillip Cable is the co-founder and CEO of Maritime Asset Security and Training Ltd, or MAST for short. As a former naval officer, he’s weathered his fair share of storms, but after his business left the growth phase and entered choppy waters he had to work hard to rise above this new challenge.
We spoke with him to hear more about how he founded his business, the lessons he’s learned and how his team are working to make the maritime environment a safer place to live and work.
Could you begin by telling us what you do at MAST?
In a nutshell: risk management and security. We focus on the maritime environment, dealing with super yacht and shipping clients as well as the insurance market. But this also extends to services for overseas governments too. Our services cover physical protection, including armed security in difficult environments. We design and instal security systems on yachts and high-value homes and, at the extreme end of our business we deal with kidnap and ransom situations on behalf of clients.
What made you start the business?
I originally trained as a solicitor, then had an early mid-life crisis at 24 and gave it up to join the Royal Navy. I served at sea for nearly six years as a Warfare Officer and a Diving Officer. When I came out in my early 30s, I did a Master’s degree in Maritime Law and worked in the Middle East conducting security assessments. Then I met my business partner. His background is UK special forces, and he’d done a lot of work for high-net-worth individuals, so together it was a fairly neat skill set to start MAST.
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