Preventing Maritime Crimes and Illegal Fishing

Coastal and Land Border Protection: Preventing Maritime Crimes and Illegal Fishing

By Claude Urbain PLAGBETO

Maritime crimes and illegal fishing recurrent in the Gulf of Guinea require a search for appropriate solutions to protect the coast of Benin acts of piracy. The resort of the government to the Norwegian company Vissim AS seems then judicious, so much the threat remains pregnant, for the safety of navigation.
While the measures have reduced the extent of maritime crime and piracy, recurrent off the coast of Benin in the last decade, the country is still not immune, because of its geographical proximity to neighboring countries. high risk areas. The threat of piracy, robbery and kidnapping is permanent. Indeed, the rate of attacks against ships and seamen in transit in the Gulf of Guinea remains high. Six Russian sailors were kidnapped and released by the pirates who attacked and looted their “Msc Mandy” boat for more than two hours on 1 January, some 20 nautical miles from the port of Cotonou. A few months earlier, it was fishermen who paid the bandits of the sea.
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