Revised HRA – effective 1 May 2019

HRA Revision
The Joint War Risk Committee have revised the boundaries of the High Risk Area (HRA) with effect from 1 May 2019.
MAST does not foresee any immediate change to armed guard movements due to the long standing nature of operations and the convenient locations of the existing embarkation and disembarkation points. . However, it is possible that in due course the Fujairah floating armouries could move positions.
In practical terms a floating armoury stationed off the Omani coast, for example near Duqm, would allow security personnel to be embarked there thus shortening the number of days that a security team would need to be embarked and would be minimal deviation for ships visiting the ports in the west coast of India.
Whether this is achievable of not would depend on the support available from Duqm. It is likely that Galle will continue as the main point of movement for Far East routes. The new area also reduces the amount of deviation required to avoid the HRA on north-south routes.
01May19 HRA Revision Chart

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