Security and Risk Report 15/03/23

MAST’s security report issue 365 is available to read now.

In the Gulf of Guinea, two incidents have been reported in the period observed. Nigeria’s Port Authority has vowed to improve security at its sites, with work due to begin on new measures at the Tin Can facility. An illegal refining operation may have led to an explosion at a pipeline which claimed the lives of at least 12 people.

In the Indian Ocean Region, UKMTO has issued several advisories in recent days. The most concerning may be the report about a MV being harassed by an unmanned aerial vehicle while at sea. The Royal Navy has seized a quantity of anti-tank weapons and missile components believed to originate from Iran in the Gulf of Oman. The CMF has made a large drug seizure in Indian Ocean.

In European waters, there appears to have been no progress in negotiations to extend the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which ends on March 18th. Without agreement, it is unlikely that merchant vessels will transit the Black Sea due to safety fears. In the EU, there are plans for Member States to launch joint patrols to deter possible threats to critical sub-sea infrastructure.

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