Streamlining International trade in a changing world: planning, estimating, logistics, financial and document management

MAST’s Finance Director, Zoe Pyle attended the CIMA hosted event “Streamlining International trade in a changing world: planning, estimating, logistics, financial and document management” presented by Christopher Woodington and Ramin, from Parkway Logic Ltd, at the County Hotel Chelmsford 28th March.
The objective of the session was to demonstrate how International trade is changing, how businesses can manage that change effectively and economically and the impact of cross border trading on business decision making.
Whilst the content was more pertinent to the trade of goods rather than services (MAST) it was very informative, especially given the forthcoming complexities of Bretix which are still yet to be agreed.
We covered the basics of the World Trade Agreement, Free Trade agreements, RTA’s as well as Bi-lateral agreements. The ability to trade and barter internationally is always more complex with tariffs and customs duties. The tool “Exabler” that Chris presented would be beneficial in the cost tendering/project costing process as it is able to apply all the relevant duties for imported and exported goods. Whilst many companies rely on the “logistics company” to file/manage their documents with customs and excise, it is wise to remember that the legal responsibility remains with the business itself and cannot be delegated. The wrong application of goods coding and misfiling can lead to hefty fines and indeed unnecessary duties being paid.
Zoe commented that she would recommend that Procurement Leaders, Project Managers and indeed Board Exec’s look at this company directly, as what they have to offer is experience and know-how in a complex and changing environment. For more information visit
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