Sudan white sugar appetite booming due to risk of piracy

The risk of pirate attacks off the Horn of Africa and booming domestic demand have helped to turn Sudan into one of the world’s biggest white sugar importers this year.

The country’s growing population, plus inflows of people fleeing conflicts in the region, have driven up white sugar consumption, currently estimated at around 1.5 million tonnes annually, according to the International Sugar Organization (ISO).

European trade sources said Sudan’s imports had increased by at least 200,000 tonnes this year, above an annual average of around 950,000 tonnes, contributing to a tightening in the global white sugar market.
Part of the reason is that Port Sudan on the Red Sea has attractions for shippers seeking to avoid pirates off the Horn of Africa.
Trade sources said international navies, the deployment of armed private security guards and defensive measures onboard merchant ships had helped to stop attacks by Somali pirates.
But they also said that some suppliers still preferred to use Port Sudan – the region’s major terminal – to avoid deliveries in areas that were previously big piracy hot spots.
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