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MAST regularly supports superyacht transits through the Indian Ocean.

A security team on a superyacht require a specialist set of skills compared to teams on commercial ships. Previous experience and understanding the way yachts works is essential to provide the enhanced level of service required by a superyacht crew. The majority of yachts take an all British Team (MAST Premium) handpicked by our operations team.

Our operations team is familiar with the agents and procedures in both the Maldives and Seychelles. Due to our activity with commercial shipping, we are well placed to react at short notice.

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Crew Vetting

MAST provides a crew vetting for superyachts. The service is provided by our in-house vetting team and checks crew member’s employment, criminal and civil history.

• Employment background record checks –verifying past employment history through obtaining oral or written references and analysis of a persons residence and domicile history. 3 level of checks: BASIC, INTERMEDIATE, FULL

• Criminal Report check – a record of a person’s criminal history in a chosen country.

• Civil legal checks – a report on records of court cases, judgements, Bankruptcy & Insolvency (depending on the country) in a chosen country.

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