Heavy clashes erupted in southern Somalia

Afgoye, Somalia – A fierce gun battle has sparked between Somali government forces and al-Shabaab militants in Lower Shabelle on Tuesday, Garowe Online reports. The commander of Somali National Army (SNA) General Abdulahi Ali, said the clashes occurred after Somali army forces and allied African Union Peacekeeping troops in Somalia (AMISOM) attacked rebel-held areas in Lower […]

Somalia roadside bomb kills at least 20 in 'national disaster'

A roadside bomb has killed at least 20 people in a minibus in Somalia’s Lower Shabelle region, the local governor said, blaming the extremist group al Shabab. Most of the victims were women, Ibrahim Aden Ali said, calling the blast a “national disaster”. Six other people were injured, regional security official Nur Abdullahi said. To […]

​Somalia: Al Shabaab militants cut off hands and legs of two men

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Al-Shabaab militants have chopped off left leg and right hand of two young men accused of stealing money in Southern Lower Shabelle region, Garowe Online reports. The two young men identified as Abdi Ali Mohamed, 25, and Mohamed Hassan Omar, 20, were amputated in the rebel-held Darulsalam village. Large crowd of people […]

Al Shabaab captures election delegates in central Somalia

ADADO, Somalia – Al Qaida-linked Al Shabaab group has announced it had captured 10 traditional elders who participated in the Lower House ballots to elect new Federal MPs from Galmudug region, Garowe Online reports. The detained elders were paraded in Barire district in Lower Shabelle region, as they renounced to cooperate again with the Somali […]

Foreign Military Jets Strike Al-Shabab Camp in Somalia

Unknown fighter jets thought to be belonging to US military conducted an airstrike against Al shabaab base in Lower Shabelle region of southern Somalia, the latest in a string of aerial assaults on the militants by foreign forces. The foreign forces using helicopters have targeted Al Shabaab’s Ibrahim Ali Berre camp, located about 120 miles […]

Airstrikes bombs Al Shabaab areas in Southern Somalia

AFGOYE, Somalia- Fighter jets thought to belong to U.S. have carried out airstrikes in Al Shabaab controlled areas in Lower Shabelle region on Tuesday, Garowe Online reports. The airstrikes occurred overnight in Yinbis area located about 15 km away from Afgoye district and targeted Al Shabaab commanders and bases in the area, according to local […]

Somali, US commandos raid Al Shabaab base, militants beheaded Elders

Sources confirmed the death of three high-ranking Al Shabaab commanders. TORATOROW, Somalia — A Somali commando unit backed by US special forces have launched anti terror raid on Al Shabaab stronghold in Lower Shabelle region on Sunday night, killing senior militant commanders, Garowe Online reports. A local resident revealed to GO, that the allied forces […]