2021 Maritime Cyber Rules Outdated

Maritime Cyber Rules Coming in 2021 Are Outdated, Critics Say By  James Rundle Hackers are finding the international shipping industry easy prey, experts say, owing to a combination of lax cybersecurity practices and ineffective regulation. New cybersecurity rules are set to come into force in 2021 as an update to a maritime treaty, but the […]

Securing Ghana’s shared seas

Ghana is making efforts to deal with illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU) fishing in its waters, with collaboration, technology and training seen as the keys to a safer Gulf of Guinea. This is according to Rear Admiral Peter Kofi Faidoo, Ghana’s Chief of Naval Staff. Before his appointment in 2016, he held a number […]

Blue Marlin Freed After Pirate Hijacking

A Royal Boskalis Westminster heavy transport vessel has been recovered and the crew freed after being hijacked on Sunday about 80 miles offshore Equatorial Guinea. The 225m-long Blue Marlin semisubmersible heavy transport vessel had recently unloaded a cargo in Equatorial Guinea and had set sail for Malta. But, on Sunday afternoon, the ship was unlawfully […]

Security from coast to coast

With more than 30 000 kilometres of coastline, the fortunes of the African continent are inextricably bound to safety and security at sea. From Senegal to Angola, nations are working to deter pirates and thieves who ply the waters of the Gulf of Guinea for oil, fish and ransoms. In the Red Sea, Gulf of […]

How passenger ships can become cyber secure

by Martyn Wingrove In a changing digital landscape, passenger ship operators need to evolve their cyber security to prevent threats affecting maritime operations Ferries and cruise ships are becoming more vulnerable to threats as passengers and crew are provided with greater access to online services and social media while on board. New online threats to […]

Gov't to implement Marsec Strategy

Mauritian Government to implement National Maritime Security Strategy [The] Government will implement a National Maritime Security Strategy with a new governance structure aiming at improving the maritime security sector and in particular, to protect against threats such as illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing, piracy and drugs and arms smuggling. In the light of consultations, a […]

Virus-hit boxship takes centre stage at Singapore cyber wargame

A container ship whose power management system had been shut down by a long dormant virus was the focus of a UK maritime industry cyber wargame hosted during Singapore Maritime Week held in April. With sensors in containers alerting to issues with storage temperatures on board, a truly uncomfortable situation for the owner, manager, charterer […]

GPS resilience in the face of cyber crime

Orolia Maritime’s Sean McCrystal outlines the latest technology that is making superyacht navigation safer… Superyacht captains are typically security conscious due to the value of their vessel and the conspicuous wealth and VIP nature of their owners and passengers. But now that crew and passenger connectivity increase pressure to maintain onshore communications, security threats have […]

Cyber pirates terrorising the high seas

By Nicholas Newman If you thought that Blackbeard was a nightmare for ships at sea, imagine a modern-day, tech-savvy pirate, hacking into cargo ships as they roam the deep blue. Today’s pirates are just as innovative in the tactics and technologies they use as they were in historic times. Where once the likes of Henry Morgan, […]