Team Building at Rye House Kart Raceway

16 members of MAST’s HQ headed out of the office yesterday to put their driving skills to the test at Rye House Kart Raceway for their annual team-building event. Rye House Kart Raceway has become one of the UK’s foremost karting centres and offers the perfect introduction into the world of motorsport. The historic racing […]

MAST Delivers Inframe locking solutions – access solutions

MAST Delivers Inframe locking solutions Following an extended development cycle MAST now offers a best in class solution to your electronic remote locking needs. With built in door position sensing and IP66 rated we are now integrating these locks into our refit and newbuild projects. Please get in touch for more info on how MAST […]

MAST on TV throwback

MAST on TV throwback Some historic footage of Phillip Cable being interviewed on Channel 4 news.

Mast A key attribute to success – Resilience!

Mast A key attribute to success – Resilience! Zoe Pyle, Finance Director of MAST attended a Reed Finance and Reed Accountancy Business Leaders event at The Essex County Cricket grounds at Chelmsford with guest speaker Dr Steve Bull. Steve is a Performance Psychologist who has worked in the sporting industry for over 30 years, through […]

MAST's staff complete PREVENT training

MAST’s in office staff and on ground operators have recently completed the UK Government’s PREVENT on-line training scheme. PREVENT aims to educate people in how to identify and prevent radicalisation into terrorism and far right groups for both oneself and others.  The training package details the indicators and also how people’s emotions can be manipulated […]

Gerry Northwood at MAST – Designer Security for Superyachts

Gerry is the Chief Operating Officer of MAST. Since leaving the Royal Navy, where he reached the rank of Captain, he has enjoyed success in applying his hard won operations experience and skills to the commercial sector. During his naval career he commanded operations against Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean and narcotics smugglers in […]

A peek into China’s top ‘bodyguard factories’

Chinese firms are turning to more-experienced Western partners to expand Beijing’s security capacity amid growing demand as the new Silk Road projects abroad appear fraught with danger Sidney LengCoco LiuKristin Huang In the grounds of Zhongzhou Bodyguard in southern China, a circular terrace is filled with blooming sunflowers, and a 300kg tractor tyre. The flowers […]

Helping seafarers battle the mental scars of piracy

The maritime sector has been rocked in recent months by a spike in piracy. But, while the hijackings and counter-piracy methods are well documented, less is written about the mental health effects on those who suffer piracy first-hand. In mid-May, the Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST) organisation released its most recent risk map. In […]