Charges over Channel migrant boat picked up off Dover

A man has been charged with people smuggling after a boat with six people on board including a child was picked up off the Kent coast. Samyar Ahmadi Bani, 35, of no fixed UK address, was among those found on the boat intercepted by a Border Force vessel at 07:25 BST on Saturday. All six […]

Rescue ship brings 606 migrants to Italy

A rescue ship has docked in Sicily with 606 migrants picked up in less than two days off the Libyan coast. They are from about 20 countries in Africa and the Middle East. Aid group SOS Méditerranée says they include 241 children and 11 pregnant women. Many of the women from sub-Saharan Africa said they […]

Dozens of migrants rescued off Libyan coast

Libyan coast guards on Wednesday rescued 74 illegal immigrants, including women and children, on a rubber boat off the western shores of the country, according to a medical source. “A patrol of the Libyan Coast Guards and the western Ports Security rescued 74 illegal immigrants, including 22 women and 4 children, who were on board […]

Khalifa Haftar: Libyan Army is launching legitimate war in Sabratha

Written by: AbdullahBenIbrahim Renegade Libyan General, Khalifa Haftar, has declared that one of the warring groups in Sabratha is affiliated with his self-styled army, saying the ongoing fighting in the city is legitimate. In a statement to Italy’s AKI news agency, Haftar revealed that the ISIS Fighting Operation Room is launching a legitimate war against the […]

Italy's deal to stem flow of people from Libya in danger of collapse

Number of people crossing Mediterranean rises again amid power struggle between rival factions in Libyan human-trafficking port Patrick Wintour A key pillar of the Italian government’s effort to stem the politically toxic issue of people crossing the Mediterranean from Libya to southern Italy is in danger of collapse as a result of a bloody power struggle in […]

Libya threatens to seize boats from NGOs rescuing migrants

Libya’s navy warned it will seize activists’ boats on migrant rescue missions that enter its waters unauthorized, after a run-in Wednesday with a German vessel during which a warning shot was fired. “This time we avoided an escalation. In future, we will seize the boats of NGOs that do not respect Libya’s sovereignty,” said navy […]

Rescue ship says Libyan coast guard shot at and boarded it, seeking migrants

Steve Scherer ROME (Reuters) – A Libyan coast guard vessel fired shots and boarded a humanitarian ship in the Mediterranean on Tuesday, demanding that the migrants on board be handed over to them, a spokesman for the Mission Lifeline charity said. “The Libyan man said: ‘This is our territory,’” said Axel Steier, a spokesman for […]

Violent Clashes Rage On in Libya's Sabratha

Tripoli — The western Libyan city of Sabratha has witnessed violent clashes for a week between rival armed groups, which have caused dozens of casualties and forced residents to flee their homes. Officials fear the violence might spread to nearby cities and towns, thus further complicating the worsening situation in the country. To continue reading, […]

Armed group seeks legitimacy with Tripoli migrant deal, source says

Steve Scherer, Aidan Lewis ROME/TUNIS (Reuters) – A powerful armed group, known for smuggling people from Libya, is seeking legitimacy and state security jobs from the Tripoli government in exchange for stopping migrant boats from leaving the coast of Sabratha for Italy, a senior group member said. The group, the Anas al-Dabbashi brigade, struck a […]