Coastguard arrests Greek tanker, claims it was smuggling oil

The Libyan coastguard has arrested an oil tanker and taken it to Tripoli on suspicion of trying to smuggle oil out of the country. The vessel is reported to be the Greek-owned, Liberian-flagged, Levante. “The Libyan Coast Guard has seized the ship, which is estimated to be about 149 meters long, trying to smuggle 6,000 tons, […]

Libya seizes oil tankers after shootout at sea

Ukrainian and Congolese-flagged vessels caught loading Libyan oil detained after a fierce, hours-long gun battle. Libya’s coastguard has seized two foreign flagged tankers and detained their crews for allegedly smuggling oil after an hours-long gun battle off the coast. The coastguard spotted the vessels on Thursday night about 2km off Sidi Said near Zuwara, a […]

An oil heist in Libya cost the government hundreds of millions of dollars

Libya’s oil production problems extend far beyond whether the forces of Tripoli or Benghazi secure ultimate control over the country: Clan-based militias are running their own smuggling operations, and their mafia reach is said to extend as far as the Coast Guard-and even into Europe. This smuggled oil is making its way into Europe, and […]