Shipowners: More naval vessels by Somalia are an option

CARRIERS:  It might be necessary to request more assistance from the navy, say European shipowners in a comment to ShippingWatch after recent incidents involving piracy and hijackings off the coast of Somalia. BY TOMAS KRISTIANSEN Events over recent weeks of hijackings and piracy off the coast of Somalia have once again prompted shipowners to raise […]

"Ocean Shield" Achieved its Mission

By Christian Bueger Last month, operation ‘Ocean Shield’ terminated, ending NATO’s six year mission to protect the sea lanes of Western Indian Ocean. Will the world miss the operation? Most likely not. Ocean Shield was one of the so-called “big three” missions fighting piracy off the coast of Somalia. Working hand in hand with the U.S.-led Combined Maritime […]

NATO ends anti-piracy operation; Seychelles to continue to monitor sea threats

By: Patsy Athanase and Sharon Uranie (Seychelles News Agency) – A decade after the Somali pirate threat began to paralyze the maritime trade off East Africa, harming Seychelles’ tourism numbers in the process, NATO on Thursday will formally end its counter-piracy operation known as Operation Ocean Shield. Seychelles should see the end of the international […]

Piracy fears as Nato pulls navy ships from Indian Ocean

By MUTHOKI MUMO To the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato), time is ripe to withdraw from the Indian Ocean because the sea has become calmer than at any one time in the last six years. So its military personnel officially withdraws from fighting piracy on the Indian Ocean Wednesday. For local importers, however, uncertainty prevails as […]

NATO co-chairs Counter-piracy conference as Operation Ocean Shield´s mandate terminates

MANAMA, Bahrain – This week, Bahrain was the stage for the 39th Shared Awareness and Deconfliction (SHADE) conference. A forum to discuss counter-piracy in the Gulf of Aden and in the Indian Ocean and the importance of cooperation between naval units in the region, industry and other concerned organizations. NATO as a deployed operational partner, […]

Lessons in Military Cooperation From Indian Ocean Counter-Piracy Ops

What can the lessons of naval cooperation in countering piracy off Somalia teach us? By Robert Farley What can the success of counter-piracy operations in the Indian Ocean tell us about military cooperation more generally? Counter-piracy was the quintessential example of what cooperative sea power could accomplish, and the success of operations off Somalia helped […]

Bimco welcomes extension of EU anti-piracy operation off Somalia

Shipping association Bimco has welcomed this week’s decision by the EU Council to extend the mandate of the EUNAVFOR Operation “Atalanta” to combat piracy off the coast of Somalia for another two years until end-December 2018. Bimco said that recent events such as the attempted attack on LNG tanker Galicia Spirit in the Bab-el-Mandeb strait […]

NATO Ends Counter-Piracy Mission

NATO has ended its Indian Ocean counter-piracy mission after a sharp fall in attacks, the alliance said on Wednesday, as it shifts resources to deterring Russia in the Black Sea and people smugglers in the Mediterranean. All ships and patrol aircraft have now left the area off the Horn of Africa, where they patrolled since […]

Denmark pulling out of the fight against Somali pirates

After nine years of missions around the Horn of Africa, Danish ships are headed to the Mediterranean. Danish warships and patrols have been helping NATO keep Somali pirates at bay in the Indian Ocean for nine years, capturing 295 suspected pirates, of which 50 were forwarded for prosecution in other countries. The number of Somali […]

Interview: Piracy still a threat off Somalia despite successes: UN official

NAIROBI, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) — The threat of piracy off the coast of Somalia looms large despite significant gains made against it, says a UN official. Andrew McLaughlin, the Program Officer in charge of Global Maritime Security at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) told Xinhua in Kenyan capital Nairobi that a fragile […]