Libya seizes foreign tanker, trawler

Tripoli – Libya seized a foreign oil tanker and trawler Wednesday off the country’s western coast and detained their crews for questioning in Tripoli, the navy and coastguard said. “The Rex, a Tanzanian-flagged tanker registered in Zanzibar, was intercepted” loaded with a suspected illegal cargo of Libyan diesel, navy spokesman General Ayoub Kacem told AFP. […]

Five Russian sailors detained in Libya freed

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov said Wednesday that five Russian sailors detained in Tripoli have been freed. This announcement comes after the visit of a Russian delegation headed by Bogdanov to Tripoli on Tuesday. According to Bogdanov, the delegation met with political stakeholders in Tripoli and had no contact with the Tobruk-based House […]

Dignity Operation seizes foreign commercial ship en route to Misrata

Written by: AbdulkaderAssad A boat of Khalifa Haftar-led forces intercepted a commercial ship sailing on the sea from South Korea and heading to Misrata port. Haftar’s forces led the seized ship with 12 Filipino sailors to Ras Al-Hilal port in east Libya. According to reliable eastern sources, the ship is owned by EUKOR Car Carriers Inc. […]