Tanker reportedly sank in Gulf of Aden

STEPAN KOTCHERGA June 26: Product tanker RAMA 2 reportedly issued distress signal and sank on June 26 in Gulf of Aden, in vicinity 13 50N 055 53E, some 130 nm northeast of easternmost Socotra tip. Vessel said to develop a list prior to sinking, while en route to Al Hamriya, UAE from Mogadishu. SAR launched […]

Is Somali piracy set to become a threat again?

David Thomas Until April, the Al Kausar was just one of thousands of anonymous dhows plying the ancient maritime route between the bazaars of the Persian Gulf and the merchants of the East African coast. Laden with wheat and sugar destined for the Puntland city of Bosaso, the boat was in the vicinity of the […]

UAE conducts military training course for recruits in Yemen's Socotra Island

The UAE Armed Forces has concluded an intensive military training course for recruits in the Yemeni island of Socotra. The recruits, who underwent training in various disciplines, will help secure the island’s coastal areas. They received training in field and battle skills, the use of various weapons, internal security, topography, live fire and first aid. […]

Pirates release hijacked dhow

On March 24th, UKMTO reported that pirates had hijacked a Somali fishing vessel, Casayr II No.30, off Eyl, Puntland, with the intent to use it as a mother ship from which to launch attacks against merchant vessels. The IMB reports that pirates released 13 Yemeni crew members but kept seven on board, including the Captain, Engineer and […]

Somalia: Puntland President sacks the director of anti-piracy agency

GAROWE, Puntland – The President of semi-autonomous region of Puntland, Abdiwali Mohamed Ali “Gaas” has sacked the director of anti-piracy agency in presidential decree on Sunday, Garowe Online reports. Puntland President Ali dismissed Abdirizak Mohamed Dirir “Duaysane” from his post following consultation with the Minister of Ports and marine transportation, according to the official document […]

IMO Secretary-General urges vigilance after tanker hijack

IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim has urged the shipping industry to apply diligently IMO guidance and best management practices to avert possible piracy attacks, in the wake of the hijack of the Aris 13, off Puntland, Somalia. “While we have seen a very welcome decline in piracy off Somalia since the last reported hijack by Somali […]

Somalia ship hijack: Pirates release vessel without ransom

Somali pirates who hijacked an oil tanker have released it without condition, according to officials. The announcement came hours after the pirates and naval forces exchanged gunfire over a boat believed to be carrying supplies to the hijackers. The tanker, which was en route from Djibouti to the Somali capital, Mogadishu, was seized on Monday […]

Somalia ship hijack: Maritime piracy threatens to return

By Frank Gardner, BBC security correspondent The hijacking of a merchant fuel tanker by pirates off the Somali coast this week has sent shockwaves through parts of the shipping industry. It is the first successful hijacking of a major commercial vessel in the Somali Basin since 2012 and is prompting debate over whether shipping companies have […]

Tanker hijacked by Somalis did not follow piracy procedures

The shipowner of the hijacked product tanker has been slammed for cutting corners and subsequently endangering the lives of eight crewmembers. On Monday, the product tanker became the first ship to be nabbed by Somali pirates since 2012, news that has sent shockwaves around the world’s seafaring community. According to aid group Oceans Beyond Piracy […]

Coalition widens search for missing Yemenis following boat tragedy

Socotrans call for resumption of flights from mainland to avoid such tragedies in future. By Saeed Al Batati Al Mukalla: Yemen minister of fisheries said on Monday that Saudi-led coalition ships and international anti-piracy navies along with a number of boats belonging to local fishermen have expanded the search for the missing Yemenis to Yemen […]