VIP Security for Government officials
from MAST

MAST is a full-service risk management and security company founded in 2005 with a proven track record of providing Close Protection services to government and private individuals. We only employ the most professional operatives from the British Military and Police Force.

Due to recent incidents within the UK, MAST are working closely with government officials to provide close protection for their personal safety, attendance for public gatherings and both physical and technical security solutions for their residence.

Close Protection Officer’s (CPO) role is to preserve every aspect of a client’s lifestyle, ensuring their safety under every circumstance.


MAST use professional operatives with extensive training from the British Military and Police Force.

Trained to Level 3 Close Protection qualification.


Ensure the safety of their property and possessions from potential threats.

Preventing potential danger at every turn.

Diffuse any hostile situation through negotiation, unarmed combat or if necessary, physical restraint.

Chauffeuring them to their destination and dissipating crowds.

Maintaining security at the client’s property and conducting risk assessments for every activity they’re involved in.

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