Weekly Security and Risk Report 04/05/2022

MAST’s weekly security report issue 330 is available to read now.

In Maritime news, it was reported that a vessel had been boarded in the Gulf of Guinea on May 3rd. However, the situation remains confusing, with some sources stating that it is actually part of an exercise by the Nigerian Navy. In related news, the Nigerian Navy has received the go ahead for a new Forward Operating Base (FOB). In Ghana, the Navy is also planning a new FOB to counter piracy and related maritime crimes.

In the Indian Ocean Region, the Combined Maritime Forces has made another successful seizure of illegal narcotics. An estimated $2 million worth of hashish was seized in the Gulf of Oman. The International Maritime Security Construct (IMSC) has indicated that it believes it will fall under regional command in the future. The Iranian Navy has announced plans for two new warships.

In the Black Sea, Ukrainian forces have attacked two Russian Raptor-class patrol boats off Snake Island, using UAVs. The UK has announced plans to supply Ukraine with Brimstone anti-ship missiles. In the English Channel, large numbers of migrants have been rescued at sea in the past week.

In Land news, Al Shabaab is reported to have attacked an African Union camp, while in Ethiopia, a number of Al Shabaab suspects have been arrested. Yemen’s Houthis are holding the crew of a fishing vessel which they claim entered Yemeni waters without permission. The truce continues to hold in the country, although it is believed that Houthis are using the time to reinforce their lines.

In the UK, two domestic terrorist suspects have been in court in the past week. A couple have been arrested in connection with a murder at a busy shopping centre, and the government has been warned about the risks of Islamic terror groups forming ‘gangs’ in UK prisons.

This week’s report also rounds up the latest developments in Ukraine, and the kidnapping of a Dominican Republic diplomat in Haiti.

For further details on the above and for more security news from the UK and around the world please read the full report HERE.

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