Weekly Security and Risk Report 06/07/2022

MAST’s weekly security report issue 339 is available to read now.

In Maritime news, in the Gulf of Guinea, NIMASA has called for greater collaboration between regional states in an effort to further suppress piracy in the region. They have also agreed a deal with Japan to supply new assets. The EU has announced a financial package to boost Liberia’s maritime security. 

In the Indian Ocean Region, the US Navy has created a tip line which is hopes will lead to further seizures of illegal narcotics and weapons in the Indian Ocean. India, France and Australia have discussed reviving their trilateral agreement in the region in a response to Chinese activity. Iran is reportedly constructing a new stealth missile boat.

In European waters, a Russian vessel carrying grain has been seized by Turkish authorities after entering its waters. A Russian landing craft sank after striking a naval mine near Mariupol and Russian forces have withdrawn from Snake Island.

In Land news, Somali special forces have again launched operations against Al Shabaab in the Lower and Middle Shabelle regions. In Puntland, a group of illegal weapons smugglers has been arrested after running their vessels aground.

In the UK, there have been several counter-terrorism arrests, including one at Stansted Airport. Australia has updated its terrorism warnings for the UK, although the current threat level appears unchanged.

For further details on the above and for more security news from the UK and around the world please read the full report HERE.

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