Yemen: Moroccan Vessel Captured by Houthis

By Fayza Senhaji

The ship of a Moroccan businessman was hijacked by a cartel operating in cocaine trafficking. His ship would also serve for the illegal transport of weapons on behalf of the Houthis.

A Moroccan businessman, threatened by an “international criminal cartel”, appealed to the authorities. Assabah, who is looking into the case in his January 17 edition, reveals that Mohammed Oulahcen, the businessman in question, refused to deal with the cousin of Hatim Al Houtaimi, the strongman of Yemen, Known for his support of the Houthis. Mohamed Oulahcen, who operates in the field of maritime transport, claims to have no connection with this mafia that threatens him with death and forces him to flee permanently.
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MAST Note: This article was automatically translated by Google and some errors may occur as a result.

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