Rail network and Ports

Protection of ports, maritime facilities and the national rail network

The strategic importance of UK ports and the rail network requires a special focus when it comes to security.

CRO port in Purfleet

Port Facility Security

The International Port and Ship Security Code (ISPS) is a mandatory set of rules governing the interaction of ships and port facilities worldwide. MAST’s has global experience in this subject and is ideally positioned to provide your entire security set up. This can include security guards, response teams, CCTV control, canine units, and ISPS assessments and training. MAST has a strong track record supporting a leading ship and terminal operator in the UK.

Border force and customs support

The international challenge around the influx of illegal immigrants along with securing the maritime logistics pipeline presents a unique problem and for the port industry it is vital to liaise and work in tandem with border force and customs officials.

South Western Railway

Rail network security response

Millions of travellers use the national network and at times additional response support is needed to augment the existing security set up and to work closely with the British Transport Police. MAST Provide surge security response across various networks including South West Rail.