Committed to social responsibility

Our ethics-driven approach guides us in protecting people, communities, and the environment.


At MAST, we recognise the importance of supporting and contributing to the wider community in which we work. CSR is a natural extension of what we are already doing across the many diverse countries in which we operate. Based on input from our customers, employees and suppliers we have on setting our objectives in 3 key areas: People, Partnerships and Planet and the entire team have my full support and commitment to ensure that we focus on these.

Philip Cable LLM

Our Commitments

At MAST, we believe in going beyond security services. We strive to use our expertise and global reach to make a positive difference for our employees, partners, and the planet. Integrity, trust, and openness are at the heart of everything we do, in line with our mission to make the world a safer place.

We value our employees, promoting respect, equal opportunities, health and safety, and continuous development.
We collaborate responsibly with customers, suppliers, and communities, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.
We work to minimise our environmental impact, prioritising responsible practices and sustainable solutions.

Equality & Diversity

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and equitable workplace where everyone thrives. Diversity fuels our innovation and allows us to better serve our global clientele. We have staff and partners from around the world and expertise across Africa and the Middle East. A truly diverse business.


Charity: Supporting Veterans Aid

We proudly support Veterans Aid, helping those who have served our country transition to sustainable civilian life.


Mast Security

Security expertise you can trust.

Our team brings decades of political and military experience to the forefront, offering unparalleled insights into operating within high-risk and politically sensitive areas. We understand that navigating these challenging environments requires not just theoretical knowledge, but a depth of practical experience and strategic foresight.