Commercial and residential property

Property management - security support

MAST provides UK national coverage for large property managing agents to include physical support, security concierge and response capability in the event of a crisis.

Commercial and Residential property management

Commercial property management
Market Size and Growth: The commercial property management sector in the UK is substantial, bolstered by investments in office spaces, retail locations, and industrial properties. Despite economic fluctuations, there has been steady growth, with trends leaning towards sustainable and tech-integrated properties. Services Offered: This includes property maintenance, lease management, tenant relations, and financial management. Property managers also focus on enhancing the value of the property through strategic upgrades and efficient operation. Security forms a key part of protecting those assets. .
Residential property management
Market Characteristics: The residential property management market is diverse, covering rental and lease management for various housing types, from urban apartments to suburban homes. Tenant Management: A significant part of residential property management involves dealing with tenant issues, ensuring timely rent collection, and maintaining tenant satisfaction. Legal and Regulatory Aspects: Property managers must navigate complex landlord-tenant laws, safety regulations, and housing standards. There is also an increased focus on landlord licensing and tenant rights. In addition there is real need for ongoing security support and direct intervention and monitoring around the clock