Ship arrests and disputes

Expert intervention for ship arrests and insurance disputes

Navigating complex waters with MAST and Astbury Marine

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Partner with MAST for a proactive maritime security solution

At MAST we understand the intricate challenges of maritime disputes and ship arrests. Our collaboration with Astbury Marine brings together a diverse team of legal experts, ship managers, and insurance professionals, dedicated to resolving even the most complex maritime issues. We specialise in providing comprehensive solutions in a range of challenging situations, from ship hijackings and kidnappings to uninsured cases and cargo claims. Working closely with P&I clubs, insurers and lawyers we offer an alternative and complimentary solution alongside other methods of dispute resolution.

Collaboration with Astbury Marine:
A combined force of legal, managerial, and insurance expertise to tackle maritime disputes.
Resolving Complex Maritime Cases:
Successfully handling cases including ship hijackings in Somalia, kidnappings in Nigeria, and uninsured cases in Bangladesh.
Wide Range of Expertise:
Addressing diverse situations like cargo claims, crew intimidation, and dock damage cases.
Global Reach, Local Knowledge:
Leveraging global expertise with local insights for effective dispute resolution.

Mast Security

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Our team brings decades of political and military experience to the forefront, offering unparalleled insights into operating within high-risk and politically sensitive areas. We understand that navigating these challenging environments requires not just theoretical knowledge, but a depth of practical experience and strategic foresight.