24/7 Global Operations Centre

Global operations centre

MAST have a 24/7 operations centre that monitors our global activity as well as providing an outsourced service for clients. This capability ensures that we combine our physical presence with a continued monitoring and response service around the clock and across time zones.

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Global operations centre

MAST's global operations centre provides the Company with an ability to manage both its own security operations around the clock and also tailor a bespoke response for its clients including global K&R response, alarm response, CCTV monitoring and other specific emergencies.


24/7 operations

Remote monitoring and response

GSOC 24-7 - MAST
24 hour security response capability.
Global management of incidents
MAST has a dedicated operational phone line and monitoring capability for our own maritime and land based activity as well as identical services for clients. For maritime clients this includes the mandated requirements of the Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) as well as in support of the Designated Person Ashore (DPA). MAST also provides support for insurers providing K&R insurance and is on standby around the clock.
Keyholding and response
Properties around the UK require lock and unlock services, allow staff or contractors access or simply holding a spare set of keys in case of emergency or loss. MAST provide a national key holding service to allow our clients the flexibility to support their own operation and security team. We also provide response officers for a cost effective security solution 24/7.
Intruder detection and management
MAST can monitor intruder and fire alarm systems anywhere within the UK. This service can be stand alone or complement our keyholding and alarm response service to ensure any alarm activations are investigated quickly and efficiently by our highly trained and licensed mobile security officers to allow a more cost-effective security service.
CCTV monitoring
MAST offers a complete CCTV Monitoring service through our GSOC using state-of-the-art technology which ensure your CCTV system is professionally monitored by our team of highly trained GSOC Operatives. MAST can offer the ability to tailor CCTV solutions to suit your needs which can include remote monitoring, virtual patrols, alarm activation and response. We can even remotely relay voice commands at site via a Tannoy system.
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